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About Deascal

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2019, Deascal® is fiercely committed to empowering an audacious form of self-expression.

We champion the ever-evolving nature of beauty, advocating that our unique identities are not to be hidden but celebrated. We firmly believe that courageously owning and defining our individual beauty is what truly defines us.

With our vast range of industry-leading skincare and haircare products, we aspire to reinforce this belief. Our aim is for each of our products to inspire bold self-expression and celebrate individual beauty in all its diverse forms.

At Deascal®, we are rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to be heard, seen, and celebrated, regardless of their differences. Together, let’s shatter conventional barriers and own our truth. After all, we are who we define ourselves to be.

Welcome to Deascal®. Be bold. Be You.

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Enjoy free express shipping & free returns on all orders. *Ts&Cs apply
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